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"By optimizing our brain, we optimize our entire life.  We owe it to ourselves to be the limitless individuals we were born to be."

Lee Gerdes, founder Brain State Technologies
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What to Expect

Each session is conducted in a private, comfortable room. This private room has a small desk and chair for the trainer, and a very comfortable anti-gravity chair for you. Your trainer will explain the results of your assessment and provide instructions for your sessions based upon the desired results. You won’t need to think about this, your brain will catch on very quickly and will work to balance itself. During a training session your trainer will run a number of protocol structured just for you. Some protocol require you to watch the screen, others allow you to close your eyes and recline in the chair. Your trainer will explain as you begin each segment of the training. During the sessions we encourage you to stay as relaxed as possible without falling asleep. Your brain is most capable of receiving information and changing accordingly while in this state. If you find yourself falling asleep, simply wake yourself up a little and relax. It is common for people to fall asleep during their initial training. Many people are sleep deprived and as soon as the brain recognizes itself, it starts working to balance itself immediately. This is hard work for your brain and requires a good amount of energy. Some people respond by sleeping. Not to worry, your brain is still receiving the information needed to balance itself.

Brain State Technologies® provides you with a structured approach to overcoming many of life’s obstacles. Children and adults can benefit equally from brain training, and we encourage families to train together. Talk to us today about creating the life you were meant to live!

The first step toward a more balanced life begins with a one hour assessment. The results of your assessment, coupled with your subjective survey are combined to produce a training plan just for you. Individually tailored sessions give you the tools to bring your brain to homeostasis or balance. As each session brings you more into balance, the training plans evolve to reflect your experience and life change. We are with you every step of the way.
Client Testimonial
R.P., Controller
Help with Sleep

“I wanted you to know how much BST has helped me. After completing just one session I felt calmer and less stressed. Since completing 12 sessions I am able to get quality sleep, feel relaxed, and able to focus throughout the day. My sleep patterns have gone from waking up four or five times a night to one or none. There is a calmness that I feel throughout the day and the tension in my neck and shoulders have significantly decreased. I am able to complete many more tasks in a day due to being focused and organized. It has only been a week since my last session and I continue to see improvements everyday.”
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